Third Eye Detective Agency

Third Eye Elk preservation

Land for sale

Beautiful 20 acre building site in the Chippewa Falls School district. Wildlife out your back door! Close to the Bike trail, State Park, Lake Wissota, and snowmobile trail. Additional acreage available.

I think we could do far worse… 20 acres for less than 100 grand,

Four dots suggest substantial disposable
income: $10,000 a month and $500,000 worth of
assets. so, with a down payment I could easily pull this off in one year all by myself, but since I am not the only person with a bit of income, who is with me?



Actually there are several of us that have 5 dots. As Allen puts it more than the GDP of some small countries. 20 acres is chicken feed, think bigger. more like 10,000 acres or more, the size of a small park. Some farms are larger than that.

Third Eye Elk preservation

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