Neava Maskelyne

photogenic, empathetic, athletic strawberry blonde


Intelligence 2; Wits 4; Resolve 3; Strength 2; Dexterity 4; Stamina 2; Presence 4; Manipulation 3; Composure 4.

Relic 5; Striking Looks 4; Interdisciplinary Speciality (MAGIC) 3; Social Manneuvers 2; Fast Reflexes 2; Fleet of Foot 1; Resources 1; Trained Memory 1; Fresh Start


Neava, 24, with wavy strawberry blonde hair and aqua blue eyes, is the newest heir to the Maskelyne family’s tradition of stage magicians. Her great-grandfather was the renowned illusionist, Neville Maskelyne, whose skills helped the Allies win World War II (as recounted in the biography “The War Magician.”)

Her uncle persuaded her to put the acrobatic ability that seemed to suggest a future as an Olympic gymnast into stage magic. At 5’8" and 140 lbs, she is sleek and nimble, fast on her feet and quick-witted, and stronger than she looks. In preparation for her intended career, her training included the history of magic, slight of hand, lock picking, showmanship, and the science that makes illusions possible.

Her uncle taught her all he knew, then introduced her to her next mentor, Emrys Trevelyn, from whom she eventually inherited an ancient relic (believed to have once belonged to Merlin) that had allowed him to do his most dramatic, most famous illusion. The relic allows the user to teleport a short distance, but the power does come with its own risk. It was that risk that ultimately cost “Uncle” Emrys his life. Needless to say, Neava does not use it casually.

Neava Maskelyne

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