Kanaka Kalakonu

A giant Hawaiian martial artist


Black hair, brown eyes, 7’ 1" tall, 300 pounds.


Kanaka Kalakonu is a native Hawaiian. His parents and little sister still live on the island of Niʻihau. When he was 11 he moved to the big island and lived with his uncle who taught martial arts and was a Kahuna Lomilomi(Kahuna of the Order of Lono who specializes in bodywork to restore balance in the body so mana (life energy) can flow properly. True lomilomi is a spiritual practice combined with a form of bodywork.) When he was 19 he moved to Eau Claire where he could get do better as a martial artist. Besides the detective agency he makes a living in tournaments, bouncer and some small endorsements.

Two years ago his uncle vanished and he believes it has something to do with manipulation of tournaments but hasn’t been able to uncover exactly what is happening. It doesn’t seem to be for betting. The deeper he digs the stranger is seems.

He was sent all his uncles stuff as the closest heir he had. He has the family ʻaumakua (family gods) and papers on Hawaiian rituals but doesn’t actually believe but pays respect to the shrine.

Kanaka Kalakonu

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