Hayley Sloan

Defence Attorney

  • 5’6"
  • Red Hair
  • Green Eyes
  • Petite
  • Single
Hayley grew up in a life of wealth and privilege. Her father was a well respected judge, and her mother a world respected surgeon. She went to all the best schools, and was tutored outside school. She can speak fluent Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, and Spanish. All in all, she had the perfect life. When she was in high school, she was out with her friends, when she was attacked by a mugger. He beat her and stole her purse and expensive jewelry. As a result of this attack, she felt the need to learn self defense in one form or another. She bought herself a pistol and learned how to use it, and use it well. She became an excellent shot , and feels allot safer. Hayley went on to college and became a very successful lawyer. When she graduated from Harvard Law School, she received several job offers. She took a job in Chippewa Falls, and eventually built her own practice, where she is now her own boss.

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Hayley Sloan

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