Skylar "Skai" Miyazaki

A spiritually enlightened japanese american teenager


A 14 year old Japanese-american girl who died but came back too life,…. twice and is semi athletic and doesnt talk a lot, Skai is also Spiritually Enlightened
Death Counter: 4


Skylar (skai) Miyazaki was just a 14 year old Japanese-American with black hair and green eyes, her father was a kung fu master ,so she started learning kung fu when she was 3,she had fast reflexes and iron stamina she would go on for hours until…but when she was 10 her father died of unknown causes, her mother said “this is all your fault , you’ve killed him” after that her mother said less and less about her and just beat her and sometimes she was locked in a closet for day’s , when she thought it couldn’t get any worse her mother married another man , the beatings just got worse and worse until she could live with it anymore she took her fathers staff cut her hair and ran away. she ran for a year or was it to she couldn’t remember she’d been running so long she found work where ever she could even if it was something gruesome until she met third eye detective agency that’s when her life changed forever,
later she was being chased by a Japanese mafia(?) group called the Black Cock and was later killed by a machine gun to the chest but unlocked Spiritually enlightened and remembered that she became spiritually enlightened around the time her father died and that she couldnt get her spirit back into her body and her father gave his spirit to let Skai live.

Death Counter: 4
(backround) became spiritualy enlightend but couldnt get back in body
machine gunned in the chest
stoned by medusa
ran over by henry

Skylar "Skai" Miyazaki

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