Kitty Shanle

Cat burglar by night, socialite by day


Socialite and cat burglar, the third eye group usually knows ‘Kitty’. Her alter ego, Miss Katherine Shanle, attends high end functions and manages the Shanle estate. She knows you all were friends of Scott’s of course, but doesn’t often socialize with third eye except on business. Her most direct contact is with Skai living at the estate still.

Kitty stands 5’2" and 150lb. She has shoulder length, wavy hair which appears a light brown/medium blonde during the day and changes to striking colors and strange styles in the evening. Her fashion is usually high end and quite glamorous, but when she is on the job, she prefers skinny jeans, a tee shirt and a leather jacket with authentic combat boots.

She drives a Hennessey Venom GT to social functions, but has the keys to Tyron’s Tesla and Scott’s Mercedes G Hummer for when she needs a good solid vehicle. She used to hotwire cars, but doesn’t need to now.

In social situations, she prefers to turn on the charm and outwit her opponent, but she is not above using intimidation to get what she wants. She is just aware of the repercussions of that.



Kitty is Scott’s missing sister. She had a hard time coming back to her family after her abduction and details are still fuzzy. After some years spend in an institution with no name then being reunited with her family, she has become a social advocate for missing and exploited children. Her fundraising activities have always been well attended by top tier celebrities. She had no contact with her brother after a falling out which he accused her of being a fake. This was before he and Tyron started seeing eachother, so Tyron doesn’t know she is back.

her identity puts her with a large family living in NE Wisconsin as a cousin. Her social skills are very apparent, but her night skills are what draws her to third eye. She can get into any security system, including the Pentagon (though to protect her identity, she doesn’t do that very often). She is spry and nimble, graceful and quick and always seems to be one step ahead of things. She doesn’t bring it out in ‘polite company’ but knows her way around a switchblade.

Getting to the bottom of Scott’s disappearance is her visible motivation for joining up with Third Eye, but underneath there is a far deeper reason. She was abducted by the Gentry and in order to prevent them noticing the unusual activities that keep happening here in her backyard and drawing undue attention to her safe haven, she has decided to ‘infiltrate’ the organization to steer their investigation away from Faerie if necessary, and to gather the right sort of information about it from the right sources if the investigation goes in that direction.

Her underlying motivation is self preservation but she appears to offer protection t the youth and undefended. She really just wants to have a good time, and will do anything in her power to make sure folks around her are having fun so she can revel in it.

Kitty Shanle

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