Jess Harper

Computer Hacker\Medic


Jess’s parents were involved in a cult that believed that aliens would return to earth and take those worthy to their home planet. Jess’s nonbelief in their theories meant that he wasn’t invited to go and they left him behind when they disappeared. They did leave him well provided for and legally able to take care of himself.

Now he tries to work aliens in to every odd mission he is involved in but is coming to believe that there is more to what is going on then just aliens. His recent trip to the spirit world has shaken his beliefs in spirits.

On his mission in the pocket world where he met Robin (a young kady his own age) who was trapped there filled him with guilt when he was able to collapse the pocket world resulting in the deaths of all the residents of that world including Robin who he had taken a strong liking too.

He is quite angry at Henry who he blames for the deaths of four of the members of the group who were turned to stone. Henry made sure to go over gun safety with everyone making a big deal of it and when Jess was involved in a close quarters fight with a costumed person who was a medusa Henry fired a high powered rifle into combat killing the costumed medusa. The group had previously determined that all effects that the costumed people had done could be reversed if the costume was taken off of them. Henry’s killing of the medusa had locked the effects in place leaving the four people trapped as statues.

Jess has a virtue of Justice and a flaw of envy. He envies certain members of the groups abilities at social behavior with others. He is rather shy and introverted but has wrangled a date with the hottest member of the company and looks forward to it.


Jess Harper

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